We are physically evolving, having created a new appendage, the mobile phone. The phone provides access to our other world, technology. It connects us to our collective brain, the internet. Our consciousness might evolve too.

Walking the street or on the train everybody has a phone. It seems as important to us as our arms and legs. And medicine is developing artificial body parts, perhaps we’ll soon implant a chip into our body to better integrate this new appendage. It’s all about communication I think, something we’ve always done but the appendage is global. Privacy is only needed for criminals or if you have something to hide. We can learn about human thought and science through this appendage, indeed a profound evolutionary leap forward. By it we are truly becoming a collective, next stop Mars, almost ready to meet aliens.

I only wish I had my appendage implanted before my exam tomorrow. Actually I suspect we are organic computers invented by Martians. They discovered that organic matter was better suited to AI than the inorganic, and so humanity was born.

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