Walking the street or on the train everybody is on a phone these days. It seems as important to us as our arms and legs. It's all about communication, something we've always done but are taking to another level. We are taking an evolutionary leap forward through these devices, by them we are truly becoming [...]


An important issue facing humanity, global warming. I'm certain it will be the first thing on people's minds soon as human extinction becomes recognised as the inevitable result. Nothing can be done today as the problems will escalate for at least 100 years when we stop emitting carbon dioxide. It's quite hopeless, we need to [...]


News bulletin's are considering "fake news" again and the influence of technology on the human world, the biological world. So much talk of algorithms. It seems to me that social media disseminates opinion. Opinion can be expressed on the street as well. Places like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter etc, it's just that our technological world is [...]


My word Bangkok has changed since I first came here more than 30 years ago. My memory that can't be trusted anymore has it that in those days old women would be cooking food on the street charging virtually nothing to a tourist, maybe 20 BAHT for one of my favourite dishes, som tum. And [...]