Brexit is a bad idea as the World is becoming more connected. I suspect the reason the English decided to leave the EU was to return to the glory days of the British empire. People are becoming more connected because of the internet and travel and we shouldn’t separate ourselves. Planet earth is every-ones home until we destroy it through global warming. It will require all countries, all people, to take action for life on this planet to continue. Soon we won’t differentiate between the nation state.

A CNN commentator said countries that use referendum to govern sometimes have a second on the same issue. Why not have another referendum when the details of the split are clear so that people can knowingly decide? Maybe jobs and businesses will be effected.

I think all countries should encourage life, try to alleviate suffering. Sure there are limits, immigration shouldn’t increase crime rates for example. It really is a sad thing to choose separation in the modern world. Although marginal the decision was because of immigration I think. We are all members of the same species, share the planet and sometimes need help through immigration. It’s a sad thing to need to leave your country of birth because of persecution or starvation.

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