Ho Chi Minh

Here again, it's close to home and a great place despite the arduous task of flying these days. The number of queues and passport checks at Singapore airport is incredible. I previously liked airports thinking everyone there was going to a new reality, they still are but the journey and customs checks are becoming tiresome. [...]


for all my posts on coma click here Dear fellow coma victims. If you can read and understand these words you have retained basic mental functions and can work on other defects. Some coma victims can't see. Similarly my most significant defect was the brains communication with body parts. I also experienced significant memory loss. [...]


Brexit is a bad idea as the World becomes more connected. I suspect the reason the English voted to leave the EU was for a return to glory days, the British Empire. The world is becoming more connected today because of the internet and travel. Separation is a backwards step. We are destroying the planet [...]


Indicators are pointing to another Global Financial Crisis. Many smart economists are suggesting it's inevitable. Apparently it will be more severe than the last GFC in 2008, and will force us to re-evaluate human economy. Maybe we'll move past the use of money, cash, to assign value to everything. Maybe we will evolve. I think [...]


The US hurricane Florence, like those of Harvey and Irma, is more devastating because of Climate Change. Not to mention the super typhoon about to hit the Philippines, Hong Kong and Asia. Weather is now the headline article for news  as it has become more intense because of global warming. Web link On November 6, [...]