Democracy could now make decisions directly by the people because of the internet and communications. If todays technology existed when politics emerged democracy would be very different, no elections. We don’t really need presidents or elected representatives to vote on our behalf anymore, through technology decisions could be made by the people. With devices such as hand phones, computers and fingerprint authentication, we could do this today. In the past the US was a symbol of democracy, ruled through elections by the people. The media, now called fake news, once checked the US government against fact and public opinion. Indeed Trump is changing democracy but the system of election was designed a long time ago, before technology, and should now be brought into the 21st century, we don’t need presidents. Collective rule through technology may save the species from extinction so serious is global warming.

Democratically we should take action against global warming with our vote and use the internet to keep it on people’s minds rather than accept the media focus us on things like Trump or sport… Go hawks. News on TV often has articles on what’s trending in social media, Twitter and Facebook etc. We have a voice if we want.

Published by

Mathew Homberger

ponderous metaphysician

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