Dear fellow coma victims, Given mine has been damaged by coma I began thinking about brains, the brain is an amazing organ. The human brain has created a machine brain, artificial intelligence, which has memory and can also derive meaning. Memory is a critical thing for intelligence. My memory is bad after coma. My RAM [...]


Russia tried to influence the US election through cyber warfare. By using social media, Hillary's emails, hacking etc, Russia tried getting into the minds of Americans voters. This is denied by Trump who also denigrates NATO even though these partner countries lost soldiers defending US interests. While denying Russia influenced his own election he attempts [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Time to try walking without my stick again. I attempted that 2 years ago but wasn't successful, maybe this time. I'm an old man now who might require a stick anyway. I'm not that old, 50. Perhaps the most troubling thing about no stick is that nobody is aware that I'm [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Considering the effects of coma I wonder, my brain has lost it's relationship with the right hand side of my body, can I still feel emotion? I can't walk so well, and much of my memory is lost, I wonder if empathy also lives in the damaged part of the brain? [...]