Immigration has become the main issue for Trump. The first thing to remember Donald is population growth. In my life it's gone from less than 4 billion to now more than 8. Soon enough there won't be enough land for all in adequate places with the necessary services. Also humans want to survive persecution. "America [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, To return to the main point of this blog, the thoughts of a coma victim which may be of interest given this blogger left ordinary consciousness for a while. I don't know but life does seem a little more profound since I almost lost it. Sure problems persist for me after [...]


I like Singapore more than Melbourne, home is a good place to be. Singapore is multicultural, both cities are but Singapore is a little more I think. Tolerance is something I respect about a city. Not to discredit my city of birth but Australia is a little racist given the way it treats immigrants, boat [...]