Dear fellow coma victims, my walking has deteriorated of late, perhaps my brain is adjusting the new pathways and Making permanent it’s rerouting. I have definitely experienced setbacks like this before, and again. I always need a stick now. At the same time my right hand is playing up which makes sense if the brain is adjusting itself. I’ve had problems with the entire right hand side of my body since coma. In particular the right hand doesn’t open properly. So often I’m taken for a stroke victim, and again recently. Let’s hope this is the brains last significant adjustment. I’m probably wrong about such speculations as I’m not a doctor and these statements just represent my opinion. So fellow coma victim, keep scanning the internet and don’t accept this fake news! But I don’t claim for it to be news, merely expression. The only useful remarks I can offer is recovery from coma takes an extremely long time with ups and downs. The brain tries to create a new pathway for this different purpose. This new pathways route was originally used for something else I suspect, maybe vision, hearing or memory but now must be used to communicate with the leg while walking. Many subtelties to learn, ankle and balance etc.

I thought to include a link that speaks of similar things.

Published by

Mathew Homberger

ponderous metaphysician

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