Well I’m back at a favourite place in Melbourne, time to resume writing. I’ve been coming here for years, it’s now called Siglo previously the Supper Club. It’s lost none of it’s charm, maybe we can catch up here to remember the past. You’ll have to prompt me. A place to enjoy my first cigarette…… Continue reading Melbourne

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Dear fellow coma victims, My walking has deteriorated of late, perhaps my brain is adjusting the new pathways and making permanent it’s rerouting. I have definitely experienced setbacks like this before, and again. I always need a walking stick now. I’ve had problems with the entire right hand side of my body since coma So…… Continue reading Slow

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Fake News

The thing that makes humans special is thought. There is an assumption that human thought often looks for truth, actually human thought is mostly interested in experience and not underlying truth, except for facts. Fact versus belief, or opinion. For facts there is the obvious, science tells us about the atom and Mars is a…… Continue reading Fake News

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