I loved film before coma so here is another post about an old film, perhaps I’m becoming normal. Stanley Kubrick was my favourite film maker, or perhaps Tarkovsky. We recently watched a Kubrick film again, “Eyes Wide Shut”. Philosophically opposed to his classic “A Space Odyssey 2001” which was a story about aliens or maybe Artificial Intelligence, “Eyes Wide Shut” is about humans, it explores the human condition of emotion. For humans sex is central, there are two sexes man and woman and then the act of sex for pleasure, emotion and procreation. He considers these desires focusing on emotion, on love and it’s difference for the two sexes. It’s most interesting that in both films Kubrick arrives at fundamental questions for humanity, we think and we feel. “A Space Odyssey” is about thinking, other intelligence exists in the universe. “Eyes Wide Shut” is about feeling, love. It was goodg to watch “Eyes Wide Shut” again, during the time of “me too”.

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