Luang Prabang

We're traveling again, this time to one of my favourite cities in all of Asia - Luang Prabang, Laos. Another good test for my memory as I've been here many times before coma, not since. An old French colonial town with a great restaurant of that cusine by recollection. Lots of temples (wats) and Buddhist [...]


My wife has provided me no end of support through my recovery from coma, and now I'm a partner in our business. I should post the link to the website I have built for our company so that anyone can provide me with feedback on how to improve the site. Our office is still being [...]


The actuality of global warming can no longer be denied. Indeed I have said it before several times on this blog, we will soon see very dramatic effects. Perhaps within 10 years I wrote, I made that comment 1 year ago. The planets climate has already started to dissipate. Two recent storms in the US, [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, perhaps my improvement is merely a consequence of time. I have been getting pain in the right side of my body recently, I think the new pathways are developing an awareness of pain, maybe it was always there but now my brain recognises it as pain. Not really pain but a [...]