Dear fellow coma victims, determination doesn't amount to much without the detail. While being determined to walk again you must also do so correctly. There are so many subtleties to walking that have been forgotten by the brain as it builds a new pathway and these too must be relearned. I just try to copy [...]


Well it's time to return to the main point for this blog, but haven't I recovered from coma? We must always think of our walking if that's the part of the brain affected. From my personal experience these things only improve through determination. Actually I'm quite determined to maintain this blog which seems to be [...]


There are several posts here by the title, 'recovery', this might be the last. I now have a date for my recovery from coma, my father's funeral 30/7/2017. It would have been unthinkable during my time in hospital for me to write and delivery a speech to so many people and also to try and [...]