Karl Heinz Rudolf Homberger My father Heinz has moved on to the next world but lived in two worlds during his life, Germany and Australia. His own father Richard died a soldier in France, his mother Sofie died in 1991, his sister Ushi in 2006, and his brother Richard died the very same day he... Continue Reading →


My father will soon pass away which has prompted me to consider life again. He was a good man. Always a very hard worker and a spiritual man but questioned formal religion in his last days and chose Eckankar. I would say a spiritual man but not academic. After a gradual deterioration over the last... Continue Reading →


A few science documents on the web that consider consciousness and existence. So I don't lose them again I thought I should post them on my blog, My memory is quite bad so sometimes I can't find them... Quantum and Consciousness Quantum Entanglement Spooky Entanglement Matter reacts to Consciousness Free will


Dear fellow coma victims, after 5 years and more I think I'm presently turning a corner in my recovery. My walking is improving, slightly better than a 5 year old child, well I'm now five and a half years old. In fact the whole right side of my body improves. For the first time I'm... Continue Reading →

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