Often people in Melbourne challenge my thinking, and again, now on Artificial Intelligence (AI). I was thinking AI is merely the development of Human Intelligence (HI) minus the flaws. AI has access to the sum total of human knowledge recorded digitally and also that information’s precise processing according to human systems, mathematics or medicine come to mind. They are developing AI surgeons to fix humans in our hospitals. I actually thought AI is the mechanical perfection of HI. The world abounds with digital sensors nowadays, AI has access to much of our reality. For example the destruction of planet Earth through global warming. AI can quite accurately predict the time when there will be too much carbon in the atmosphere. AI may even help us repair the damage caused by presenting the facts and possible methods for saving the planet. How to remove carbon from the atoms. There are many opportunities for AI to realise. People I know here all agreed, AI was very good at analysing facts. But everyone thought AI inferior to HI. Indeed there appears to be something more to our unique individual human perception, our emotion. We haven’t yet built a machine that exhibits the HI powers of imagination and creativity. To put it another way a machine that can truly love and hate. I tend to think of AI as a superior intellect for dealing with observable facts in the universe but to develop an algorithm like HI that can choose war over peace is programmatically difficult. Indeed AI is an extension of us, we invented it. I think it is the most dramatic invention since the wheel. AI analyses thought and takes it to the next level, further than Plato and Socrates who invented thought. Perhaps we need a new invention for us to become godlike. Another human thought, God…

Published by

Mathew Homberger

ponderous metaphysician

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