AI has access to the sum total of human knowledge recorded digitally online, along with that information's precise processing according to human systems. Mathematics or medicine come to mind. We are developing AI surgeons to operate on human beings. Previously I thought AI the mechanical perfection of Human Intelligence. The world abounds with digital sensors, [...]


I always post when traveling for memory, so again I do, I've been in Melbourne for a bit now and staying a month to stimulate recollection, it is working a little I think. I can remember recent visits here walking along certain roads, but not really the distant past. I have a new life today, [...]


I went to a Tao, Buddhist and Confucianist group recently which aspired to elevate human consciousness. Apparently there have been Tao people in the past that have demonstrated the way for us to escape reincarnation and better understand reality, the Buddha was one. Indeed the order wasn't at all steeped in formal religion but suggested [...]


Congratulations to the people of France in their election. They haven't turned their backs on the world in a time of globalisation. Indeed the world has been changed, by shipping, planes and now technology which is making it a smaller place. The EU prevents the us versus them mentality of the nations state which has caused many wars. Shame [...]


Dear fellow coma victims, Indeed normalisation is a very slow process, I have concluded that the new pathways in the brain must learn everything again. Heel toe the best and most pressing example. At the gym yesterday on the running machine I noticed even for that, it is the correct way for any movement with [...]


We are traveling a little more, not very far, we came to Jonker Walk, Melaka, Malaysia. As I've said many times it's a fantastic place, one of my favorite destinations to travel nearby home. Seriously, I only use that term for my wife's benefit as it's part of her regular vocabulary, whatever, don't be like [...]