There are several news stories about fake news of late, just saw one on CNN, oops it was BBC, this is fake. They talk of technology companies like Google, Facebook, Wikipedia among others providing fake news. All these sites merely provide opinions not fact, people choose to say something on them. Perhaps they should use a different colour font to discriminate between opinion and fact. Clearly just because you read something in print it doesn’t become fact! Perhaps a consequence of Trump there is all this worry about human interaction with the world, I don’t just believe everything I read otherwise I’d have to thank Tolkien. Perhaps these internet companies should discriminate between opinion and fact. When they talk of fact like the distance between earth and mars perhaps use blue font. Maybe we all need to be more discerning in the modern world, we need our leaders to be truthful, Trump? This is merely opinion not fake news. I’m sure there are some sites that claim to be a news websites that are steeped in opinion, discern…

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