During the time of Plato, his ‘theory of forms’ suggested that to see wasn’t merely the act of observation but also of knowing, gnosis, reference of forms. That was our last evolutionary leap forward I believe, it gave us the modern world. I think human thought is changing again. Maybe we’ll care for all human beings, for existence and life, when we evolve. I think we live in an important period historically, so here are my thoughts…

We should move away from the human invention of money, economic value is such an abstraction from reality, and we are also destroying our planet by climate change. Our intellect offers possible solutions for both in space and science. In space there is another world for us, Mars, where we will soon go and we can focus on life itself rather than human mundanities. And science might be able to alter particles that cause global warming, remove carbon from the atom causing carbon dioxide. Then there is technology. The internet provides us information through sensors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) the evaluation of data to understand the effects of global warming. Indeed there is so much for us to discover in the universe we only need to evolve before we become extinct by our own hand.

Thought to include in this post my thoughts on evolution copied from another post by the same name…

An idea for evolution. Perhaps we can focus on the intelligence of the technological age rather than the money of the industrial age. Intelligence has become much more real since we invented Artificial Intelligence, no longer merely conceptual. Maybe we’ll need to wait around 20 years they say for Artificial Super Intelligence rather than the present Artificial General Intelligence for us to see a new light and evolve. They say with Super Intelligence we’ll be able to fix poverty and starvation, we must be close to evolution by then.

A video inspired by Greek philosophy…

3 thoughts on “Plato

  1. not sure mars is the place for me but hiw to balance ones existence between what is required what makes a life enriched is a struggle for me what is existence really

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