A most excellent day yesterday when we went to old favourite places in Thailand, Railay and Phra Nang beaches. I first went to these places about 30 years ago, indeed they have been taken over by tourists now but still have a natural beauty, no wonder I liked them so much all those years ago... Continue Reading →


And humans are soon going to Mars. I think the only way for us to save our planet from global warming and the like is to evolve and move away from our monetisation of everything we know. Then perhaps we can take our place in the universe as the species from the blue planet in... Continue Reading →

Ao Nang 

Being in Thailand for another Christmas is most excellent. Only posting with Christmas greetings as it is Christmas for me today, a German Christmas, the 24th of December.

Ao Nang

I thought to write another post about my fascination with airports on this trip but thought better of it and not to bother any readers with my diatribe. So I write from the plane instead. We're returning to one of my favorite places to celebrate Christmas / New Year, Ao Nang, Thailand. We have been... Continue Reading →


And it would be great if the AI series Westworld went to the next dimension both literally and figuratively when it continues in the second series and suggests aliens have created humans and the material world we live in. When it talks of memory I am absorbed as I have lost mine. There are many profound... Continue Reading →


My walk got worse after the gym last week, after two visits, hopefully it's getting close to the last bad turn as the brain adjusts. There has been many setbacks. It seems to be getting better but then it always takes a large step back. It's been doing that since I left hospital. But I... Continue Reading →


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