wheelAnd I thought recently about this blog and that I should say something. The first point then is for other coma victims, my walking very slowly improves through repetition. The second point is that the world is changing quite dramatically, humanity is about to invent another wheel I suspect. The first wheel we invented made us evolve significantly and allowed us to develop civilization, cities, employment, travel, education, etc. I think of the plane as an extension of that wheel, and also the spaceship. I can only guess at what the next wheel might be. The most important invention since the wheel was the computer, perhaps a wheel type invention. Our invention of money is such an abstraction from our understanding of value. I don’t mean economic value, I personally value travel, honesty, love… Money was not a wheel type invention. AI is I think.

I just received the most excellent news, that my wife and I will go to Jonker Walk in Malaysia again this weekend. One of my favourite places in Asia, steeped in the past. Probably another post from there as I become immersed in thought when we are on the road, traveling.

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