img_0129Well we’re back in Jonker Walk,  a rustic and old world place in Malacca, Malaysia, perhaps the Singapore of 100 years ago which is also Peranakan, my wife often gets picked for one. Peranakan is the fusion of Malay and Chinese I am told from when the Chinese first came to this region. One of my favourite Peranakan restaurants is here, I will have one of my favourite dishes tonight, Chap Chye. Recently it was also mother in law’s birthday and brother in law’s wedding. The wedding was an excellent occasion of the public union between two individuals, now a dual. For them to declare their love for each other before everyone they know and care for. To say their relationship is permanent. I think weddings can be profound events. The venue made it entertainment rather than merely observing this union. I call them wedding farms, churn them through. But it was a beautiful and historic venue surrounded by gardens, quite unusual for Singapore, like a journey back in time. A truly fantastic occasion.


wheelAnd I thought recently about this blog and that I should say something. The first point then is for other coma victims, my walking very slowly improves through repetition. The second point is that the world is changing quite dramatically, humanity is about to invent another wheel I suspect. The first wheel we invented made us evolve significantly and allowed us to develop civilization, cities, employment, travel, education, etc. I think of the plane as an extension of that wheel, and also the spaceship. I can only guess at what the next wheel might be. The most important invention since the wheel was the computer, perhaps a wheel type invention. Our invention of money is such an abstraction from our understanding of value. I don’t mean economic value, I personally value travel, honesty, love… Money was not a wheel type invention. AI is I think.

I just received the most excellent news, that my wife and I will go to Jonker Walk in Malaysia again this weekend. One of my favourite places in Asia, steeped in the past. Probably another post from there as I become immersed in thought when we are on the road, traveling.


img_0152At last the US election is over, it’s time to return to the main point for this blog. Trying to put a positive spin on the outcome of the US election I think it’s BREXIT all over again, an expression of the general dismay with politics today. And why not, we have in the past devised other systems for living, perhaps we will move away from politics. For humans in the past there was anarchy, religion, monarchy, now democracy, what’s next, environmentalism? I think we should start to focus on nature. Indeed our hand will soon be turned by global warming and the destruction of our planet. Anyway perhaps through Trump we can acquire new eyes through which to perceive the world as we become dismayed by his actions. Hillary won the popular vote, but your vote can count for more because of the college voting system, not 1 person 1 vote… A while after writing this post I discovered this video about anarchy.

Dear fellow coma victims, I have come to the conclusion that time is the only thing of benefit to us. When I say here on this site my walking slowly improves I think it has only been getting better through repetition, movement, and there is no silver bullet to repair us. Like a child my brain must develop new pathways, so I am walking like a four year old.


img_0146-1To throw my hat in the ring vote Hillary if your a US citizen and have a vote. Watching international news the world is troubled by the prospect of Trump becoming president. Recently watching BBC, foreign affairs ministers from several European countries expressed deep concerns about a Trump presidency. Beyond many countries expressing concern how could the US vote in an unintelligent billionaire? In a time of globalisation he wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, Germany demolished their wall years ago. And what of the most important issue facing all of humanity including America right now, global warming? He doesn’t even believe in it. Actually it’s an endless list of concerns with him, at present when humanity was about to evolve through technology and communications he aspires to separation, he himself is deplorable. Trump represents primitive man by my reckoning. It would take the entire world backwards, as did the UK’s split from the EU, brexit. I think there is something similar between these two events, his rise as a candidate and the UK split from Europe, perhaps humans are devolving. It is amusing that a US election has descended to an American sitcom, with a character that does strange things. Trump abuses people generally, women, service men, grabs women by their private parts, hates muslims, wants to prevent immigration to the US. I guess Americans love sitcoms. Is it ‘celebrity apprentice’? Ah that’s right, America needed an ex tv star to run for president. And why the president can only serve 2 terms I don’t know…

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