I have considered entanglement theory, the link below does the same. The double split experiment tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they were created in the same event. A non material communication.

My monozygotic twin sent me this link which expands upon the subject. I have posted about it before, and said that the non-material world is as real as the material world, unlike an object it’s hard to point at an idea. Indeed the link questions which world comes first, the chicken or the egg. Matter requires perception to exist these scientists suggest. In fact the article claims that we can redefine the universe to be consciousness itself rather than matter, we exist in a puff of logic.

Good discussions about reality in the videos below, here is a link to the speakers website…

5 thoughts on “Consciousness 

  1. As a psychic medium who has been seeing and hearing messages from spirits, spirit guides and departed loved ones, I can vouch that our consciousness exists independently and lives on beyond our physical selves and isn’t a product of our brain in and of itself. As a matter of fact, our consciousness and astral selves originate from a singular source – the universe and with each rebirth, our astral selves occupy a different physical entity in a specific time-space continuum. Upon death of the physical self, the astral self returns to the source and is transfigured into another physical manifestation. Our world is constructed through our consciousness and perceived reality of a moment in the infinity of the universe.

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