img_0005Well back to the main point of this blog, recovery. I suspect my right leg is slowly improving by trying to place it deliberately with every step. Walking has always been difficult since coma but focussing my mind might help. So much for just simply walking like I previously could. We recently went for a massage while in Indonesia but as always at massage centres I got cramp in my right leg and needed to stand up for a moment. My calf appears to be locked. I also often get cramp just lying in bed trying to sleep and must also take action and stand to try and overcome it. At massage and lying in bed I often get cramp, perhaps there is a better way to describe it, my muscles there go taut. Sure I’ve always had problems like that especially with my toes but it seems to be my entire leg now. I think placing the foot more deliberately is helping, just trying to be conscious of it in my mind. To relearn my leg and its operation the pathways in the brain need to become accustomed to the leg’s nuances. My brain needs to control it’s parts like toes and calf muscles.


img_0078And I have seen many news stories of late about diminishing employment, how there are fewer jobs today. I suspect humans won’t need to work at all soon enough as AI and robots will be able to take care of all human needs. Robots will be able to grow human food, and cook it according to our favourite recipe. They will also be able to build our houses and the places where we eat our favourite recipe’s. Computers already do so much for us, in former times when I needed a taxi I would speak to a person ordering one over the phone. Now I speak to a computer. Secretarial jobs will become a thing of the past. Computers make for excellent surgeons today too. Indeed we will have to evolve when all this happens, it’s slowly happening now. I think when AI and robots become the standard humans will be able to start focussing on life and experience, the things computers can’t do. First of all we will do away with money because there will be no need for it anymore. We will have much more time when we don’t need to compare monetary value. Indeed our command of the physical world today is profound. We have progressed from hammers and nails to CPU’s. Nothing further required, our last physical creation can take over from this point, we can become liberated and focus on life. All that I say has become possible for us, we’ll have to see if we want such progress. We use AI for many things today, secret CIA type things too I’m sure.



I must include the above link as it shows that others too consider the consequences of entanglement theory. I have written about it and also about the near death experience (NDE), in particular the double split experiment for entanglement theory. The link above considers the same, I didn’t copy the ideas. The double slit experiment of entanglement tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they were created in the same event, it has been proven on Earth. My twin brother sent me the link above which expands upon these subjects, I have posted about them several times here on this blog and also said that the non-material world is as real as the material world. Indeed the link questions which world comes first, the chicken or the egg, matter requires perception to exist these scientists suggest. In fact the article claims that we can redefine the universe to be consciousness itself rather than matter. As the saying goes we exist in a puff of logic.


img_0067The U.S election has finally arrived at something meaningful for mankind, the battle between the sexes. Indeed binary logic is a fundamental part of our consciousness. Up versus down, left versus right, good versus evil, man versus woman. I suspect even Neanderthal man would understand Trump’s binary logic. Of course I should have said ‘womankind’ and spoken of Jane rather than Neanderthal man. And I chose an asian woman for the pic on this post!


img_0060The U.S election is disturbing. I just watched the 2nd presidential debate and was appalled by Trump, he never answers a question directly. If they could just answer the question instead of immediately attacking their opponent we might be able to understand their thoughts and suitability. The election has become an attacking match rather than a debate about U.S policies, a discussion of the issues facing the country. We should be focussing on global warming, the care of ALL humans despite gender or race, and the exploration of space to find another home before we destroy this planet. We need time for the last one. Humans are actually quite an intelligent species when our thoughts aren’t hijacked by people like Trump. Why that election isn’t focussing on the survival of the species because of global warming and war leaves me incredibly disappointed. Watching the CNN news about Brexit it seems to me that the EU is approaching the necessity of globalisation. As they said, through technology the world has changed. To provide for all people on the planet our economy and trading must evolve to account for this new reality. Indeed as the German minister said we should globalise our economic policies. Schäuble was correct when he said there is a lack of trust with the political elite. There are many examples of that distrust, Brexit is one along with Trump.


img_0046Coma victims, well I went to the gym recently to progress my recovery and try to get into better shape but running on the tread mill my toes started bleeding and it’s taken until now for them to start healing, coma badly effected my right foot. My toes don’t know how to behave normally anymore, they just do their own thing. However since that session they are getting closer, I hope to be able to try and run again late next week. I’ve experienced many setbacks with my right leg but more than 4.5 years after coma I remain hopeful, please brain develop the new pathway. Perhaps in another 4.5 years I’ll be able to walk normally again. It still feels very different to my good foot, something akin to constant subtle pins and needles. Just lying in bed I often get a cramp in my right leg and must stand for a bit to get rid of it, after sleeping too it can happen! The picture is actually how my resting foot looks, I’m not trying to make it look like that.

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