Well back to the main point of this blog, recovery. I suspect my right leg is slowly improving by trying to place it deliberately with every step. Walking has always been difficult since coma but focussing my mind might help. So much for just simply walking like I previously could. We recently went for a [...]

Consciousness I must post the above link as it shows that others too consider the consequences of entanglement theory. I have written about the double split experiment. The link above considers the same. The double slit experiment tells us that if you change the polarity of a particle another particle is changed simultaneously despite distance if they [...]


The U.S election has finally arrived at something meaningful for mankind, the battle between the sexes. Indeed binary logic is a fundamental part of our consciousness. Up versus down, left versus right, good versus evil, man versus woman. I suspect even Neanderthal man would understand Trump's binary logic. Of course I should have said 'womankind' [...]


The U.S election is disturbing. I just watched the 2nd presidential debate and was appalled by Trump, he never answers a question directly. If they could just answer the question instead of immediately attacking their opponent we might be able to understand their thoughts and suitability. The election has become an attacking match rather than a debate about [...]


Coma victims, well I went to the gym recently to progress my recovery and try to get into better shape but running on the tread mill my toes started bleeding and it's taken until now for them to start healing, coma badly effected my right foot. My toes don't know how to behave normally anymore, [...]