img_1448It’s good for my memory to be in my place of birth, Melbourne. My leg and consciousness are still recovering from coma, extremely slowly, but to visit friends and family is quite profound. They all say my recovery progresses well, I suspect it is only me that is disappointed with it’s speed. I still look like a cripple trying to walk about but I’m no longer in a wheel chair I guess. Speaking with old dear close friends last night I thought my performance wasn’t as it was before, I so wanted to be the person they previously knew, I’m afraid I cannot. Perhaps he was a terrible man and this is an improved version, but it must be better to be fluent in conversation. Thank god my wife was there, they all love her. Indeed her mind is incredible, her conversation.


img_1403-1Previously I had a preconception of Bali as a tourist destination for beach goers, for typical western tourists, actually now I know why it’s on the travellers map, a unique place. The people here seem much more focussed on life. There are no office workers immersed in the hum drum of everyday western existence, I think of the people on trains in Singapore when I say that. The people here are more focussed on art. Sculpture abounds, also painting and fabrics and music etc. The houses are surrounded by temples even in built up areas. It really is so beautifully designed, bad word, ‘lived’ would be better. The space is human full of history, although it’s becoming hard for the Balinese to maintain the inspiration, the west is taking over and so are cars.

Update: having driven around Bali today for 7 hours it’s as appalling as the rest of the domociles man has created, indeed there is MacDonalds etc, so many traffic jams, except for Ubud and the surrounding area, a real gem of the world


img_1401Just to demonstrate my enthusiasm for airports again, we are on our way today to Ubud, Bali. We have been there before, several times the last of which was for our honeymoon after our wedding. A spiritual place with many Hindu temples. I thought I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention something about airports again given we must spend several hours here as our flight was delayed by 3. It’s really quite amazing how humans today can travel the world. Very refined air travel now, they are building terminal 5 at Singapore airport. Let’s all add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, come on global warming.

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