29EC3C3300000578-3134893-Ancient_Greece_is_widely_thought_of_as_being_the_birthplace_of_d-a-7_1435154401736Dear fellow Australians, please consider the FLUX party in the federal election this week. They really are very modern using technology to return the decision making process to the people. A truly democratic party… link


IMG_1673Well England decided today to leave the EU. Perhaps it is time again to go local. Human beings exist in physical bodies, that is the first separation, then perhaps we can talk of countries. I think we have been changed by technology, the Internet, aeroplanes, cities, etc, and have become global. Scotland chose the EU though, maybe they will still leave Great Britain. Indeed there are many attitudes towards how humanity should progress, individually or collectively. I think we have evolved and should take the collective route. The world is a smaller place today… Humans always fancy change and why not, let’s leave the EU, bring on global warming… Let’s meet at the ‘local’ for a beer, an Australianism, let’s leave ASEAN… Through technology politics is becoming so interactive nowadays, the news always comments on public opinion in Facebook or Twitter… always polling for public opinion. Perhaps politics is becoming more interactive through technology.


Illusion Of MindMy wife is about to start a PHD at a most interesting institution, the ‘university of metaphysics’. It seems to express ideas similar to those that I often consider on this site, the cerebral domain as opposed to the physical domain. The university suggests that now there is a resurgence in thought, metaphysical thinking. I will look at the subjects she studies closely and perhaps I too will study again. The university mentions some great names in their description, for example Jung, metaphysical thinkers of the past. Perhaps humanity will again focus on the other reality, indeed as they say deep thought has offered much to our species, especially this kind of thinking. They also suggest that maybe metaphysics has a place again in the new world of technology. Transfer me to AI and bring on the technological entity. It seems I’m not alone in my thinking. A link to their website… link


IMG_1316Dear fellow coma victims, I have been thinking about my toes again, I believe that they are so fundamental to walking and as important as legs themselves. I was always trying to stop them pointing to the heavens but now they point to hell. I should let them interact with my brain however they choose rather than attempt to influence the new pathways myself. Maybe it does and doesn’t work the things I have said on this blog, who knows, but now the problem is with the toe next to the big one, it’s permanently low and doesn’t move upwards with each step like the good one. It makes me think not to over analyse my body parts but let them interact naturally with my brain to develop new pathways.


img_0837I’ve been progressing so well that rather than this website my focus has been on my other two sites and trying to find work. Indeed I’m ready to work again. In many messages with a close friend about work he suggested that I sound like a colleague in my technical discussion with him. I do know IT very well having worked in senior positions for more than 15 years. Now I build and manage my own websites, one of which aspires to technology support, the most developed page on that is the one about Weebly. I copy the links below to my other 2 websites, 3 in all including this one… resumè 

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