If you’ve found this page searching, after reading here is a link to my writings about coma..

We watched the film ‘coma’ last night which follows several coma victims over three years and revealed HBOT. The film was critically acclaimed when is came out. One victim died, another was permanently vegetative, another couldn’t hear, another like me was married after coma. Tom Segars was married to a sincere woman and they had a baby. The common effect was the brains inability to process stimuli, for me the right side of my body. An interesting thing in Tom’s recovery was that his father started a blog for him, he couldn’t, which talks of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment). My own site talks of the same.


Tom’s father noticed progress in his recovery after HBOT, he couldn’t walk in the water unassisted before but after he could. For my recovery I too noticed improvement after HBOT. My identical twin brother put me on a course of HBOT at this established therapy centre, a tried and tested place  I think my memory and mind started to improve when I did each session in an oxygen chamber.

The person who administered HBOT was a proven therapist by the name of Mal Hooper. I suspect the only reason I can manage my own blog now is because of HBOT, not to mention my overall progress. Several people contributed to the costs of HBOT hoping for my recovery. So my advice to other coma victims is definitely try HBOT, for me the process was to be put in an oxygen chamber for about an hour each time, the theory being that oxygen is central to the health of cells, especially brain cells. The links explain about Tom’s HBOT… link link

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