I tried HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) and once watched the US film ‘Coma’ that tracks several victims over three years and also depicts HBOT. In the film one victim dies, another was permanently vegetative, another couldn’t hear, another like me was married after coma. The common effect was the brains inability to process stimuli, for me it’s the right side of my body. A father noticed progress in his sons recovery after HBOT, he couldn’t walk in the water unassisted before but could after. For my recovery I too noticed improvement from HBOT. My twin brother put me on a course of HBOT … Continue reading HBOT


Well fellow coma victims, back to much more important subjects than my previous post magic, going to the toilet. My walking appears to be improving again as it did after my last visit to the scene of the crime, Thailand. I’ve stopped using my stick, my walking still looks quite appalling but I’m almost confident that I will make a permanent go of it this time, we must keep trying. Oh and my use of the facilities seems to be normalising too. I used to get up 5 or more times a night to urinate but last night only twice. … Continue reading Toilet