Dear fellow coma victims, all things I speak of on this site are just common sense really, I continue. When running at the gym, I do that regularly, I only use my legs and never move my arms. I was asked again today if I'm a stroke victim. After more than a year of running I [...]


We watched the film 'coma' last night which follows several coma victims over three years and revealed HBOT. The film was critically acclaimed when is came out. One victim died, another was permanently vegetative, another couldn't hear, another like me was married after coma. Tom Segars was married to a sincere woman and they had a [...]


Well fellow coma victims, back to much more important subjects than my previous post magic, going to the toilet. My walking appears to be improving again as it did after my last visit to the scene of the crime, Thailand. I've stopped using my stick, my walking still looks quite appalling but I'm almost confident [...]


I'm back home, at the MRT coffee shop reflecting on recent events in my life, and also on humanities thinking. I can talk of facts in my life but can only try and get at the truth for the collective there are so many things to consider for humans, belief is central. For my part I've [...]