OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADear fellow coma victims, all things I speak of on this site are just common sense really, I continue. When running at the gym, I do that regularly, I only use my legs and never move my arms. I was asked again today if I’m a stroke victim. After more than a year of running I still don’t appear normal and I’ve noticed that I’m not moving the right arm at all like everybody else does. When I try to move my arms in coordination with my legs the right goes out of time and jerks about. There are so many subtle things the brain has forgotten, new pathways are forming. Previously my focus was on my right ankle which gradually improved, it’s not there yet. Now it’s my arm while running or walking. I can remember that I had a habit of placing my hand across my chest while walking, people would sometimes ask if I was ok thinking my heart was a problem. An old comfortable habit has returned, but as such my arm doesn’t move about. The same kind of thing happens with our memories of past events, but I’m focussing on my body parts first. I hope when they are working properly other things will return too, perhaps the memory of a Christmas they all tell me about. I always think about how to best recover and with every step I take wonder. My improvement has only been through endeavour, not the brain healing naturally but by it’s use. I always wonder too if I’m behaving normally. I consider if I’m choosing the right words in conversation or on this site frequently rewriting posts. I always try. We can get there in the end through perseverance. Unfortunately there is no drug or operation to fix coma victims, no antibiotic or such. We must use the brain and try.


20130309-191432We watched the film ‘coma’ last night which follows several coma victims over three years. The film was critically acclaimed when is came out. One victim died, another was permanently vegetative, another couldn’t hear, another like me was married after coma. Tom Segars was married to a sincere woman and they had a baby. The common effect was the brains inability to process the stimuli of their bodies, for me it’s the right side. An interesting thing in Tom’s recovery was that his father started a blog for him, he couldn’t, which talks of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment). My own site talks of the same. Tom’s father noticed progress in his recovery after HBOT, he couldn’t walk in the water unassisted before but after he could. For my recovery I too noticed improvement after HBOT. My identical twin brother put me on a course of HBOT at this established therapy centre, a tried and tested place… hypermed. I think my memory and mind started to improve when I did each session in an oxygen chamber. The person who administered HBOT was a proven therapist by the name of Mal Hooper. I suspect the only reason I can manage my own blog now is because of HBOT, not to mention my overall progress. Several people contributed to the costs of HBOT hoping for my recovery. So my advice to other coma victims is definitely try HBOT, for me the process was to be put in an oxygen chamber for about an hour each time, the theory being that oxygen is central to the health of cells, especially brain cells. The links explain about Tom’s HBOT… link link


4.1.1Well fellow coma victims, back to much more important subjects than my previous post magic, going to the toilet. My walking appears to be improving again as it did after my last visit to the scene of the crime, Thailand. I’ve stopped using my stick, my walking still looks quite appalling but I’m almost confident that I will make a permanent go of it this time, we must keep trying. Oh and my use of the facilities seems to be normalising too. I used to get up 5 or more times a night to urinate but last night only twice. There, I’ve returned to much more important subjects for coma victims other than magic. Personally I quite liked the last post but irrelevant for my fellow victims. A much more important topic the toilet.


imageI’m back home, at the MRT coffee shop reflecting on recent events in my life, and also on humanities thinking. I can talk of facts in my life but can only try and get at the truth for the collective there are so many things to consider for humans, belief is central. For my part I’ve returned home from Thailand and celebrated my wife’s birthday yesterday the culmination of which was a family dinner at Jumbo. For the species I’ve been thinking about belief again, or human thought. We have science which people would say represents fact, observable events in the universe, science like ‘entanglement theory’, indeed we know much more about existence nowadays. Scientifically we have explored sub-atomic particles and have made remarkable progress. Science does actually hint at the magic of the universe or belief given entanglements suggestion that particles created in the same event can communicate instantaneously despite distance, change the polarity in one and it changes immediately in the other even if they are light years apart. We also have belief, as I have always said human thought is as real as the material world, it’s only that we haven’t yet defined particles to account for that discrete reality. We have always marvelled at life, maybe Jesus represents the wonderment that we live with and is an expression of that. But we have now chosen science and technology as our focus, in the past we chose belief, just a different metaphor in my mind. To explore belief, there have been Near Death Experiences (NDE)  so similar that NDE must allude to another kind of fact. There are many unexplainable experiences in human life, like NDE, psychics, mind reading… I am quite certain of the magic in life and the universe through science and belief, evidence abounds. In Thailand I was told of a man  who during an operation felt cold while under anaesthetic and saw a light and thought he should go there for warmth. A nurses said we’ve lost him and he said no I’m still here but the nurse couldn’t hear, then another voice said he must go back and then he felt cold again but survived the operation. NDE’s are quite a common event. The ‘National Geographic’ of April 2016 has an article about NDE called ‘The Crossing’ which in the beginning says “…he was dead for more than an hour and a half, days later he left a hospital alive and well. His story is one of many prompting scientists to question the very meaning of death.” I include the link to that national geographic article below, it is a good read maybe merging my two issues of fact and belief or human thought…Humans must survive global warming first, perhaps we can survive anyway and there is no death. A link to that page… link

Ao Nang

IMG_1597As I said the last time I was here coma victims should visit this place, my walking has improved again because of the daily foot massage and all the walking we do over uneven surfaces. The last time we arrived home after visiting this place I tried walking without a walking stick for 3 weeks but needed it again, perhaps I won’t require it anymore after this visit. And I always try to walk on my heels in the swimming pool here turning my ankle. It is a truly beautiful place. My memory has also been tested having been here for Christmas last time, we’ve been many times, even my memory of the more distant past seems to have improved. The people we have met this time have been quite inspiring, perhaps life changing, all a matter of belief he said. To resume my focus on the other worldly things is a habit, I was always interested in religion and belief is In the title of my book, see the page yelp. Like I have said the non-material world of thought has a different kind of reality.  It makes me wonder again if things happen for a reason. As I have said many times victims must continue to be themselves, I have always travelled a lot and am resuming normal life for me.

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