img_1276We  watched the film ‘transcendence’ again recently and can’t wait until it becomes a reality. We are making several films about artificial intelligence of late, another ‘ex-machina’ come to mind in which we impose human thoughts like murder into AI, I guess you can’t have love without killing. I think technology needs to take another leap forward to realise the integration of human consciousness with AI. Perhaps when we start using organic matter for the storage of binary data, we already are doing that I believe, it will provide the space for our kind of intelligence, human thought, and we then could perhaps transfer a human consciousness into AI. I don’t think we can code for human nuances, perhaps using Java or C++, maybe not, we only require a program where indecision is built in, a fundamental part of the code. Maybe when we are using organic cells for the storage of binary data we can make use of the pathways to replicate human confusion. Hopefully then I will be able to become a technological entity, I am confused .


jonkerJonker walk is one of my new favourite places in this world. It is in Melaka, Malaysia, a city developed by the Portugese. Slightly reminiscent of Hoi An I think, so many tourists but real and vibrant… And only about a 3 hour drive from home… these rickshaws are the go…


vietnamDear fellow coma victims, it’s been a little over 4 years since my descent into coma for 3 months and I’m finally learning about my body parts again. It has taken a long time for my brain to remember each body part, to develop new pathways for communication. I always need to focus on turning my ankle when walking, perhaps it is starting to occur more naturally. I have begun to understand that it’s a slow process to recover from coma, only through repetition things have improved for me. Perhaps the brain’s new pathways need to acquire the complexity for that body part. It’s close to 3 years since I left home to return to Singapore and get married. I have been trying all the while to resume my life and not be a burden to my family. We must always try to be ourselves after coma. My memory has even improved a bit. The toes on my right foot still do their own thing and point to the heavens, perhaps that is a more subtle pathway in the brain, a foot is quite complex when you think about it. As the doctors said “time will be your best friend”. I can even remember that they said that, not at which hospital but just the words.


imageThe effects of pollution are pronounced in Hong Kong, the sky has disappeared. There is a permanent smog overhead, and something of a consequent drizzle, you can almost see the smog when walking through it at ground level. I think I have seen something on the news about pollution issues here in China, to see the trouble first hand makes it an indisputable fact. Really nothing like it in Germany or Australia, only a little in Singapore but extreme in Hong Kong. As a collective we need to take some action before it’s too late for the planet and human survival. The iPhone weather app always said Hong Kong was sunny but there was never even the hint of a blue sky, the app looks at satellite data. And I thought I could live anywhere in the world, save me from Hong Kong. I’ve been here for 4 days and now and no sign of sky or stars, depressing. Just thinking about pollution and the future, my experiences in Hong Kong is in fact our future if we don’t take the necessary action… the photo I used above is taken from… link

Hong Kong

La Corba

Well I finally got to go again to one of my favourite places in this world, the airport. People in airports are suspended, their reality is about to change. Going there I thought about the over population of the world, the traffic jams of Singapore are becoming extreme. I am now in possibly the most populated country on this planet, China. Global warming is taking hold, we are no longer hunter gathers or moved about by horse and cart. I travelled here firstly by taxi and then aeroplane, my word our command of the physical has developed, aliens would however think we’re old fashioned. I am inadvertently contributing to the problem of green house gasses and looking forward to the day when ‘beam me up Scotty’ become a reality. But I’m now in China, I have been to some of it before, not all because it’s a big country, but a little. I’m looking forward to visiting that tapas restaurant again from the last time, a year ago. It’s a little further from our hotel this time. Ah, back to my life of the past and before coma, travel. It’s so good to see how other people on earth live, perhaps I will adopt some of their things that I find special, their actions and endeavours, whatever I can understand from being in China.



‘Home on my own, all alone’ – words from a Not Drowning Waving song. Well I’m not exactly that, my wife is asleep. Mother is in hospital for a foot infection the result of her diabetes. Hospitals remind me of coma. Previously mother needed a toe amputated for a similar complaint, I sincerely hope her foot survives. But it has been very peaceful this morning without her, and my wife also unwittingly bolted the door and her brother out before sleeping which was very bad, mother bolted us out recently too. Singaporeans are paranoid about people breaking in with all access but if burglars are already in they could un deadlock the door anyway. We certainly hope for mother’s speedy recovery and that she keeps her foot but just the same it’s an excellent song and quite a nice way to live. ‘Home on my own, all alone’. I think it goes on as ‘this town is tool loud to be yourself, too loud to understand’.


rumi_verI felt I had to do a new post today because I previously did so many from here shortly after coma, from this place ‘the Whirling Dervish’.  The Arab street area of Singapore is absolutely fantastic as always, to be here and alive is exciting. A man after my own heart was Rumi, a deep thinker and spiritualist. Whenever I think of whirling dervishes I always think of Rumi.

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