Hoi An

We returned to Hoi An a few days ago, the photo is a dinner at Tam Tam I think, I can’t quite remember, maybe Cargo or Morning Glory. I would advise coma victims to go there as my walking improved because we did so much of it over uneven surfaces. And for me the memories having been there so many times before. We must provoke our memory, I remembered some things. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter where you go, just to try and keep moving about and living like before coma is helpful I think.

If you are surrounded by familiarity perhaps you can recall. Having said that Hoi An is a most excellent place full of civilisation memories too with old buildings and streets, a little harder to move about but we need that too to make our brains work again. Although there are perhaps too many tourists there, maybe the most visited destination in Vietnam apart from the two cities, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Oh my wife just told me it was Hai cafe, not Tam Tam, we also frequented rats corner again for drinks…

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