Hoi An

We returned to Hoi An a few days ago, the photo is a dinner at Tam Tam I think, I can't quite remember, maybe Cargo or Morning Glory. I would advise coma victims to go there as my walking improved because we did so much of it over uneven surfaces. And for me the memories having... Continue Reading →


Today is the 4th anniversary of my descent into coma, my 4th birthday as I have forgotten my past before the accident. I had the motorcycle accident on the 23rd of March 2012, my word life has changed since. I am now happily married and have returned to Singapore. My body and memory remain difficult... Continue Reading →

Hoi An

The best test for my memory yet. On Friday we travel to an old favourite destination, Hoi An in Vietnam. One of my favourite places in Asia or the whole world they tell me. I only remember the names of the joints we frequented there, like Tam Tam, Morning Glory, and people trying to make their... Continue Reading →


Recently watched the film 'an inconvenient truth', I might have seen it before. Global warming is effecting the weather and causing downpours, that was also expressed in the film. I have forgotten if I watched this film before coma, but at least I still remember global warming which must have troubled me. I'm sure many... Continue Reading →


Coma victims of the world unite.  I have added to this page everyday for more than a week, perhaps more to come, a list of all the defects I've experienced since coma. Thinking about this site and how best to help other coma victims I decided that the best approach would be to tell others of the... Continue Reading →


Fellow coma victims, I needed to calculate my age recently, something we always just know automatically. When thinking about a family event, my mothers 80th birthday, age was a point of interest for me, to compare my age to other siblings in a photo. I had to calculate my own age. My word the coma has effected... Continue Reading →


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