CNN is mostly reporting the American election race, apparently there is nothing else happening in the world, an interesting discussion though. Watching the lead up to the American election I thought that the time has come for the two party system. Elected people should just express the thoughts and values of the people they represent rather than become partisan, Republican or Democrat.

In Australia the parties are Liberal or Labour, which imposes the party’s own thoughts and values. It is time for our politics to evolve like our civilisation has. The current system was firmly established over 100 years ago, we have changed in that time. Before politics the system was monarchical, before that religious.

Today a President should be able to choose from any elected person for ministerial positions and not just the party, democrat or republican, but the elected person most suitable. The system presently leads to oppositional politics, opposing views. Politics is merely a human interpretation of reality that attempts to fix reality to the collective interpretation with ideas about war, terrorism, health, education, the economy, assistance etc etc… A human system of control for humans. But it’s quite good to achieve things collectively because they couldn’t happen otherwise. Indeed politics was necessary but today we can develop a more aligned system as we have changed fundamentally through technology, communications and the Internet.

Our reality has changed and politics should change with it. Politics is merely an expression of the collective will. Maybe we should move away from electing people and vote on ideas, like war, terrorism, support, education, health, etc etc. Vote broadly and philosophically, not for every piece of legislation, just what your skills and interests suggest. Technology can provide for that today, the internet could do it we would just need verification of identity, bank websites do that. It is our collective money, and so it should be our collective decision in the present and not in George Washington’s time, he might have had good values but his reality was profoundly different from today. Politics should evolve. I’d definitely vote democrats though. Global warming is such an important issue for mankind right now, our species may not have elections anymore, it threatens our survival and should be the focus of this election.

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