imageDear fellow coma victims, some people say my improvement is remarkable, I don’t know what gives this impression? Perhaps because I’m out of my wheelchair. I thought to provide you with another daily activity of mine in case that is the cause, helping. Thanks to my wife and identical twin brother I have been on a vitamin regime since I came out of coma, perhaps that is the root cause of my progress. I have been taking these: brahmin, gingko biloba, fish oil, milk thistle, anti oxidants and multi vitamin. I suspect Brahmin the most likely to heal my brain. I also think constantly about how to recover, using my brain to reflect upon things, maybe that is also helping, to think deeply, who knows? Anyway perhaps it is my vitamin intake so I must include the details here.  Oh I should mention that I’m using my walking stick again, “no recovery, each day’s a terrible discovery” a song came to mind.


imageMy wife gets more than 300 emails a day from work. We need to ask three questions before we send an email, we need to question the necessity of sending it to a person, is the message for one of the following reasons?

  1. action
  2. approval
  3. information

It takes so much time to understand the content of a message, just to put your headspace into the concept is a distraction. I think there is a significant amount of time lost for each employee on unnecessary communications, in the modern world we use technology at work. Email has become one of the most important means of communication. It seems everyone wants your email address. There is spam which we can unsubscribe to. When browsing the internet there are pop up boxes asking for your email address that will spam you. You must think always before giving your email address to anything, marketing websites abound. And money is a big motivator for all, if you can get just 1 cent from all internet users you’d be rich. Over time I have managed to stop all spam and junk and only receive important emails sent to me for information, action or approval. I once received many pointless emails but no more. In truth these emails are just a case of welcome to the modern world. It’s not that much of a bother really but I’m a busy man and don’t need to descend daily into their mental pit. We don’t need to frequently wrap our brains around the unnecessary. It takes time just to decide to delete it, more time if there are many. Someone once said time is precious, very true. Just putting on my IT support hat again…


trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersIt will be a complete joke if the citizens of the US vote for a multi billionaire to become president, Trump. Symbolic of a culture in decay. Political ideas are not so important, you need millions and millions, billions, of dollars to represent a culture so focussed on money. Maybe he can buy the presidency. Apparently he will become the leader of the free world. He certainly wouldn’t if all humanity from the free world voted. We have descended to a new low, our evolution appears to be out of the question. And I thought we were getting close to evolving through science, technology and philosophy, becoming more interested in life and less focussed on money. True enough life is more interesting than politics. Sanders at least mentions the most important thing facing humanity right now, climate change, which I think is having an impact now, it will become devastating soon enough. He would help the free world.


Koh Samui before, no stick required yet

Fellow coma victims, I think the most important thing in my recovery progress was leaving my walking stick at home and trying to hobble without it. Over the past month I have noticed improvement, my brain seems to be making permanent the new pathways to communicate with the right side of my body. Even my right hand seems to be improving but I still type with my left. We must push ourselves and our brains to relearn how to do things with the effected parts like walk, brush our teeth, we should lather in the shower using the right like we did before coma. One needs to consistently go beyond the comfort zone after coma, or stroke I imagine. I noticed today having not used my stick for about a month that places where I always found it difficult to walk were better. I always have an issue with walking over lines in the pavement for some reason. When walkways turn into bricks in the pavement it is particularly hard for me, but I try to look ahead and not study the pavement which I thought helped just now. I could even walk over lines rather than needing to stop but I still look like a cripple. The doctors in Thailand who are experienced in these kinds of accidents said after MRI scans that I would have problems with the right side of my body, so accurate they were.

Update: I had to start using my stick again, it takes so long for the brain to develop new pathways. I started using it again on 1/3/2016


imageCNN is mostly reporting the American election race, apparently there is nothing else happening in the world, an interesting discussion though. Watching the lead up to the American election I thought that the time has come for the two party system. Elected people should just express the thoughts and values of the people they represent rather than become partisan, Republican or Democrat. In Australia the parties are Liberal or Labour, which imposes the party’s own thoughts and values. It is time for our politics to evolve like our civilisation has. The current system was firmly established over 100 years ago, we have changed in that time. Before politics the system was monarchical, before that religious. Today a President should be able to choose from any elected person for ministerial positions and not just the party, democrat or republican, but the elected person most suitable. The system presently leads to oppositional politics, opposing views. Politics is merely a human interpretation of reality that attempts to fix reality to the collective interpretation with ideas about war, terrorism, health, education, the economy, assistance etc etc… A human system of control for humans. But it’s quite good to achieve things collectively because they couldn’t happen otherwise. Indeed politics was necessary but today we can develop a more aligned system as we have changed fundamentally through technology, communications and the Internet. Our reality has changed and politics should change with it. Politics is merely an expression of the collective will. Maybe we should move away from electing people and vote on ideas, like war, terrorism, support, education, health, etc etc. Vote broadly and philosophically, not for every piece of legislation, just what your skills and interests suggest. Technology can provide for that today, the internet could do it we would just need verification of identity, bank websites do that. It is our collective money, and so it should be our collective decision in the present and not in George Washington’s time, he might have had good values but his reality was profoundly different from today. Politics should evolve. I’d definitely vote democrats though. Global warming is such an important issue for mankind right now, our species may not have elections anymore, it threatens our survival and should be the focus of this election.

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