Dear fellow coma victims, some people say my improvement is remarkable, I don’t know what gives this impression? Perhaps because I’m out of my wheelchair. I thought to provide you with another daily activity of mine in case that is the cause, helping. Thanks to my wife and identical twin brother I have been on a vitamin regime since I came out of coma, perhaps that is the root cause of my progress. I have been taking these: brahmin, gingko biloba, fish oil, milk thistle, anti oxidants and multi vitamin. I suspect Brahmin the most likely to heal my brain. … Continue reading Vitamins


It will be a complete joke if the citizens of the US vote for a multi billionaire to become president, Trump. Symbolic of a culture in decay. Political ideas are not so important, you need millions and millions, billions, of dollars to represent a culture so focussed on money. Maybe he can buy the presidency. Apparently he will become the leader of the free world. He certainly wouldn’t if all humanity from the free world voted. We have descended to a new low, our evolution appears to be out of the question. And I thought we were getting close to … Continue reading Trump


Fellow coma victims, I think the most important thing in my recovery progress was leaving my walking stick at home and trying to hobble without it. Over the past month I have noticed improvement, my brain seems to be making permanent the new pathways to communicate with the right side of my body. Even my right hand seems to be improving but I still type with my left. We must push ourselves and our brains to relearn how to do things with the effected parts like walk, brush our teeth, we should lather in the shower using the right like we … Continue reading Stick