It will be a complete joke if the citizens of the US vote for a multi billionaire to become president, Trump. Symbolic of a culture in decay. Political ideas are not so important, you need millions and millions, billions, of dollars to represent a culture so focussed on money. Maybe he can buy the presidency. [...]


Fellow coma victims, I think the most important thing in my recovery progress was leaving my walking stick at home and trying to hobble without it. Over the past month I have noticed improvement, my brain seems to be making permanent the new pathways to communicate with the right side of my body. Even my right [...]


CNN is mostly reporting the American election race, apparently there is nothing else happening in the world, an interesting discussion though. Watching the lead up to the American election I thought that the time has come for the two party system. Elected people should just express the thoughts and values of the people they represent rather [...]