fitness first

Coma and stroke victims,

I think exercise is important. I’ve been going to the gym and refusing to use my walking stick for about two weeks now, I use the running machine and the bike in the gym. I run awkwardly and go only at 7km per hour, I can’t go any faster. The repetition of moving my right leg to try and run seems to be helping, I hope it’s developing the new pathways in my brain. Either the running is helping or not using my walking stick is. I must teach my brain through repetition how to use my right leg again. My foot on that side is a little painful while running, I suspect because muscles and tendons are being woken up after 4 years.

I’m still trying to turn my ankle upwards while running, the right foot should move like the other one. Even while running we use our heels, the toes still point to the heavens, perhaps they miss the place. People would think I’m absolutely crazy not to use my walking stick, I hobble quite badly about. The gym was worse today, I couldn’t run very well, my ankle on the right doesn’t like to run recently, an amendment to tell you it’s hard work, and I was positive about these things when I first wrote this post, maybe all of my leg needs to relearn. You must persist through setbacks as the brain recovers, they are frequent these setbacks.

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