Coma and stroke victims, I think exercise is important. I've been going to the gym and refusing to use my walking stick for about two weeks now, I use the running machine and the bike in the gym. I run awkwardly and go only at 7km per hour, I can't go any faster. The repetition... Continue Reading →


To all those having problems walking after coma or stroke, it is very important to focus on placing your heel on the ground first, it seems that our brains have forgotten to turn the ankle. My left foot does this naturally but never my right, I always must focus on turning my ankle upwards when I... Continue Reading →


Well for the first time I deliberately left my walking stick at home, not to just go to the local coffee shop but go to the MRT station and catch a train to meet my wife. We must keep trying and push ourselves to be normal. I have often done that and subsequently noticed slight... Continue Reading →


I just thought to research online the effects of global warming to prove to myself the suspicion that global warming was producing erratic weather. News reports over the past few year inform us that countries and regions have been experiencing massive downpours and changed weather. Indeed scientists suggest that weather patterns will change with global warming. I... Continue Reading →


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