img_1504-1dear fellow coma victims, it’s been almost four years now since my coma and the toes on my right foot still do their own thing and point to the heavens, but I do kind of suspect an ever so slight improvement. it takes so long for the brain to develop new pathways, I think it took even longer during childhood while growing up. I still need my walking stick to move about in this world but maybe in another four years I won’t need it. I constantly try to teach my brain again about the right side of my body, frequently moving my toes to point to the ground like the ones on my other foot do naturally. We will get there…


artificialArtificial intelligence offers us the opportunity to be truly human. Through computers and robots all of our human needs will be taken care of. Things as fundamental as the production of food and buildings can be left to our invention and we will become absorbed by things like love and war, and the arts like music, painting, literature, things like great books and poetry. Things that are truly human once computers afford us the opportunity to go beyond the mundane. Creation and imagination is what separates us from AI.

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