The human brain is an amazing thing, so much information must it store in it during a human life. It not only stores memory but also constructs identity. Indeed we have a saying, “that will maketh the man”‘. I am sitting at a home where my idendtity was developed but my memories of events here has left me. I am told I helped build the chook pen but my brain has forgotten the right side of my body. Memory is a profound thing about the human brain, all of the human senses are stored in it and connected in a fashion that forms memory of events and identity. Sight, smell, sound, touch and there is another but I can’t remember, oh yeh, taste. Perhaps there are other elements to memory too, feelings and attitude at the time they are stored. The long and the short of this post is that my memory is being stimulated visiting places where I once lived. I was walking around Fitzroy the other day, an area I spent many years, and I could vaguely remember the place, I knew which way to turn to get somewhere, I remembered. I went to the “Punters Club” where my band released a record we recorded in a live performance, the place has changed and goes by another name now but it was a good visit for my recollection. Indeed we don’t fully understand the brain but stimulation is the key fellow coma victims., visit places you once knew, perhaps it will improve your memory. Humans have created a tool for memory now, I used to be proud of having 1Mb of RAM, now probably at least 8Gb is required, ever expanding memory requirements. Can I upgrade to at least 1000 terabytes please? I suspect we are becoming our invention, so many people constantly on their devices.

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