img_1261The recent realisation of walking using my heel more has really helped fellow coma victims. Today I’ve walked around Singapore carrying the stick, I still appear as a cripple. It seems we need to focus on the little things to try and be how we once were. Perhaps it’s the same route for the brain and memory which seems to be vaguely coming back. I can just remember the place I stayed in Thailand at the  time of the accident. I hope more to come. All I can say is you must keep trying fellow coma experiencers. I even forgot I used to never call us victims since all of humanity is that, a victim of something.


sham.jpegWell we had the Singapore election yesterday and the Lee Kuan Yew monarchical democracy gained ground. The opposition is not real, just a term. Perhaps the result more accurately reflects Singapore 50th birthday and the passing away of minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew, honouring the great man. At least there are elections in the attempt to be democratic for international relations.In truth while Singapore is well governed, democracy requires a real opposition to challenge ideas. I would have voted for the opposition just to promote democracy in Singapore, as an act like an invalid vote and not to be fined in a compulsory voting country.

If a country really wants to be democracatic it needs to ask the people about all important decision like going to war or acts which effect the world, hold referendums for such decisions to truly represent the people. Technology and the Internet has provided us the means to do that, communicate.


IMG_1316dear fellow coma victims, I think I’ve worked out why my walking was so terrible, I lost awareness of my ankle while walking, it’s much better now. When humans walk the ankle is always turned up and the heel hits the ground first. We need to focus on that if the pathway from the brain to the ankle has been damaged. I think over time I will be able to walk normally again now, it takes a long time to develop the new pathway but I believe I’m getting there after three and a half years.. I’m still a cripple but maybe one day I won’t be, I must tell my foot how to act and try to make it do what once came naturally. And I always used to tell the toes to stop pointing to the heavens.


Illusion Of Mind

It seems I may have lost some intelligence and sensitivity through the accident. The world is discovering its place in the universe. We have never known so much about existence with scientific theories emerging like ‘entanglement’. Why people focus on the mundane I don’t know. When I move about it seems to me the masses aren’t evolving at all, heads down wondering about their meaningless lives. Sure not everyone has a meaningless life but the masses are not looking at the big picture. Maybe we need people to speak of the magic rather than politics, sport and weather. Maybe I have become dumb and lost any intelligence I might have had.

Obama did speak of global warming as the fundamental challenge of our age while in Alaska recently, indeed the world is changing quite dramatically.

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