I've returned to a place I used to frequent on the Singapore river. I was reflecting on my last post on the train, I began to think spirituality a much more important ambition than working to make money, but we humans must pursue both given the world we've built and our inclinations. Perhaps one day... Continue Reading →


Well I'm at my favourite place in Singapore again, the whirling dervish. It's getting close to that time for me to look for a job again. Just thinking about it gets me excited. Companies like Apple and Google have great ideas, must be the people. Catching the train today everyone was on their devices. With... Continue Reading →


A very old and dear friend came to visit me in Singapore on the weekend which has definitely resulted in improvement. We went to primary school together and in adult life have always been friends, almost all my years came back. The memory return began with Stephen, my friend, mentioning Yelza, a bar I frequented... Continue Reading →

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