img_1455To my fellow coma victims, it really is a constant struggle now that our brains have been damaged. It seems to be a process of ups and downs, just when you thought you were improving it suddenly gets much worse. All I can say is what the doctors told me, time is your best friend. I think I’m at the end of hoping to return to former times, just trying my best to accept this new me. My only advice is to keep active in the hope that the new pathways in your brain can become entrenched. Chin up dear victim and carry on how  you want to live, otherwise it would have been better to be over for us.


rebootWhat a fantastic day yesterday was. Recovery from my human reboot seems to be taking a very long time. To be reunited with some of my old things inspired memory. I just feel yesterday was something of a turning point. Let’s hope it continues as we collect more from the previous life prior to my reboot.


IMG_0410It’s great to return to Red Dot on the Singapore river and meet you today friend. I’m finally back after about 2 months, travelling to many places, the last of which was India and I thought of you constantly and our meetings in this place. I haven’t changed, a macchiato my friend? I’ll take a short black. Things around here are changing, still feels the same. I promise I won’t keep talking or should I say writing like before, people are getting bored of me, but it really feels like old times, perhaps my memory is improving.


transferenceOur understanding of what we can see in the universe is profoundly changing, we acknowledge now the atoms and stuff of the universe only makes up perhaps 5% and there is dark matter that the new Large Hadron Collider can tell us about. All this until we discover the next particle. We also believe there is more than three dimensions. Maybe we will describe thought in this way, as a dimension. It’s an interesting time to be alive.

Science is taking off. We are truly becoming global with the likes of CNN, BBC etc and going beyond parochial meanings. It’s a profound time to be alive. I think humans can be more accepting of the differences in people today. Probably time travel will be next, just a conversation with my future self, beam me up Scotty. The only reason I add the following is to include human endeavour in this post, something like music. Particles are a division of joy – Joy Division – which was the music I was listening to when I wrote.

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