I've come to Bombay with my wife for her work. Fantastic to be in India again. In the past I spent a lot of time travelling here. I have been to Mumbai (Bombay) for both travel and work but can't remember. Dharamsala would have been an interesting place to visit, a place that I can [...]


Something of a typical hollywood film about a subject originally explored by Stanely Kubric’s art house film 'space odyssey 2001', both films depict the birth of the technological entity. In space odyssey there was HAL and then in transcendence a human, dr Will Caster's consciousness is transported into technology on his deathbed. Some boring human [...]


Like a human in conversation I change my mind all the time and constantly add to these posts or change them, if you thought them at all of interest please check them, let's continue the conversation, the last post 'transcendence' has changed dramatically since conception, even this very post has. Just to add a remark [...]


I went yesterday to a LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transexual) conference called IDAHOBIT (International day against Homophobia Bi-phobia Transphobia) held in Singapore. We humans are so determined to make universal our beliefs, even our feelings of love, I hope we can get past this dogma. The organiser is a good  friend of mine, the issues [...]


Something I have been writing about alien life to contribute to a book soon to be published, just answers to 3 questions... the book will be published, the main author was ranked third for Internet sales on Amazon last week... ------- Question 1 Do you believe extraterrestrials are spiritual? It is a consequence of any [...]