I feel it’s time to move on, there will be no more talk of hardship here, we can focus on such things, personal difficulties, but life is incredible. It seems that our species has progressed fundamentally, technology is obtaining new heights. We now have invented 3D printers that can print body parts. I still think human beings are very important, computers can not feel our deepest emotions like love and hate, but perhaps we will soon be able to print hearts. We really are progressing, if we could only focus on the amazement of life rather than our finances we … Continue reading Technology

Ao Nang

I’m still in Thailand as I write feeling that ever so slightly my walking is improving. I have always had the problem of my toes pointing to the heavens, perhaps they miss the place, I have constantly focussed on them trying to normalise my toes to be more like the toes on my left foot. I think toes are so important for balance and walking, nowhere near normal yet but ever so slightly on the way. Perhaps we who have had coma must always relearn our bodies. Just try all the time and slowly we might get better. I spoke … Continue reading Ao Nang