Dear fellow coma victims,

Coma is such an evaluation of my life, everything. This website is merely an example of that re-evaluation, I am almost thankful for my near death experience. Perhaps I would have just lived and not thought so much about life without my coma. People tell me I was always a thinker but I believe it’s different, I often look at strangers and wonder about the events of their lives. They are so often immersed in their hand phones on the train. Apparently I kept a blog before the accident too, but it’s no longer there, it would have helped with my memory.

It has been the most difficult period of my life, to re-establish identity, independence with my family taking other views on how to proceed, contesting many things including my marriage and money. I was legally challenged at a VCAT hearing. I was in a coma for a short while but still a brother. We shouldn’t control people’s lives but accept the choices they make in life. It has been a tumultuous experience for all close to me. I have been very upset of late. Time will heal I hope.

I would just be another consumer amongst the 8 billion of us without my experiences. I realise there are special people everywhere, authors and musicians etc, we all have unique lives, there are people who think much more deeply about life than me, but we all try to live according to the best values we have understood, experienced. Thank you coma for enriching my experience of life, just let me walk again. How about a short black?

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