I cannot believe how badly this coma has effected my walking. Just to go to the local coffee shop, a distance of perhaps 300m takes a long time, a very long time I haven’t measured, yesterday I became concerned about making it back home. It’s a very small hobble, perhaps just the length of a ruler my hobble, 100cm. A sane person would just stay at home but unfortunately I caught insanity many years ago, I personally think just to keep trying to walk helps my brain to understand it again, for it seems to have forgotten. Coming to Raffles … Continue reading Walking 


Clearly I’m not considering the below, as you can see by yesterday’s post I’m happy, it’s on my mind from TV. Must I edit my thoughts? Alzheimers, a similar condition to my own, living with memory loss. I don’t know why we are so precious about a fundamental aspects of life, death. People surely have the right to die if they choose. I saw a news report today about Sir Terry Pratchett, the British write who had Alzheimer’s and wanted to die, eventually dying of natural causes. We should legalise euthanasia, why force people to remain in existence. We think we … Continue reading Alzheimers


Solitude is an excellent thing, gives one time to think about all things. So I am in Raffles place right now, not trusting anything from my head but one can’t stop it, thought. I guess it defines us, human beings, thought. It apparently separates us from the animal kingdom, our mistake. Giraffes are great thinkers. Human writers think all the time, some of them do it amazingly well, Kafka come to mind… Continue reading Solitude