Such an evaluation of my life, everything, this website is merely an example of that re-evaluation, I am almost thankful now for my near death experience. Perhaps I would have just lived and not thought so much about life without my coma. People tell me I was always a thinker but I believe it's different [...]


Clearly I'm not considering the below, as you can see by yesterday's post I'm happy, it's on my mind from TV. Must I edit my thoughts? Alzheimers, a similar condition to my own, living with memory loss. I don't know why we are so precious about a fundamental aspects of life, death. People surely have [...]


A poem I previously liked, still do "A leaf falls, loneliness" Recovery from coma seems interminable. It's been three years now, sure I'm no longer confined to bed, in a wheelchair or walking frame, but it's been like it is now for two years and no substantial improvement. They told me in hospital it wouldn't [...]


It’s been quite amazing the development of our species. We invented telecommunications and then it became quite normal to speak over the phone. Now phones offer us the Internet and with things like Google we have access to a repository of all human thought. To speak of what we have achieved  in this world nobody [...]


Solitude is an excellent thing, gives one time to think about all things. So I am in Raffles place right now, not trusting anything from my head but one can't stop it, thought. I guess it defines us, human beings, thought. It apparently separates us from the animal kingdom, our mistake. Giraffes are great thinkers. [...]