I accept now that I will never be able to work again. My memory and walking are too bad. No one would conceivably hire me. People on the train appear accepting of our lot, and financially focused. I wonder when they will see more in life and become frustrated with our systems and the crazy... Continue Reading →


Clearly we humans are driven by concepts, like right versus wrong, right versus left, up versus down, and life versus death. These heights of binary logic will probably lead us to more wars, this is my land versus your land. They have certainly led to artificial intelligence, perhaps thought too will no longer be needed... Continue Reading →


I'm becoming tired of the constant self monitoring, simply everything I consider along with 'do you need to go to the toilet now?' I always study my thoughts, are you normal yet Mathew? I hope life becomes normal again, just a flicker from the past, what is normal anyway? More than normality I hope for... Continue Reading →


Humans always seem to be discussing money, and their work for it, never the magic of existence, well almost never it seems to me. Clearly they must cover life sometimes. I often overhear conversation going on around me doing my thing, nothing, well I guess I don't have a job at present so I'm excused... Continue Reading →

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