Time to go home from Hong Kong today to Singapore, I have really enjoyed it here. I've been thinking of a smiths song during my stay, at least I think it was the smiths... 'girlfriend in a coma I know I know, it's really serious', I realise it's just comedy, a play of words, but [...]

Hong Kong

Let me start by affirming that Hong Kong is an excellent place, more real than Singapore I feel although I have constantly been considering our next move in my head. For some unknown reason I have been thinking about another imminent flight and brought this up with my wife to learn we are already at [...]


Dealing with the legacy of coma is trying for us. After 3 years we expect improvement but it sometimes gets even worse. I must try harder, if I could only be told what to focus on. So depressing, I think life generally is, even for normal types. Perhaps I was always depressed, I think it's [...]


Today was spent listening to the state of the Union address by Obama. I really thought it quite good apart from what the commentators say now. A speech by the leader of the free world must be important for us, I only wish to have contributed to his speech and spoken of humanity, sure he [...]


All of a sudden I feel optimistic about life. I'm not usually hopeful. My wife is at work and we can exist. When I consider all things we are fortunate people. We can at last live how we choose, maybe we can move in the long run. Choice will be paramount but we all must [...]


Stuff typically means things, but it's also relevant to human beings, we are just stuff of the universe. I think we go on in a way when we die, we decompose and rot and perhaps they can obtain information about our existence, that we once lived. Don't get me wrong I think people are mostly [...]


Catching the MRT train today I couldn't help thinking that humans are just like ants. We are very orderly like an ant farm. Good at following instructions and performing repetitive tasks. Why not? We are like ants in being alive, living and existing. Except for art and thought we are like them going through the [...]


I believe we always exist. A belief. Perhaps there is no such thing as time. Or when we discover how to travel time, we will permanent exit. Death is not real except metaphorically, given we have lived we are always alive, if only in the memory of other people. There is no such thing as [...]


I used to merely take the world for granted, these days when I look at everything I see the human endeavor behind it. I'm sitting at raffle place now in Singapore near the Fullerton hotel and I look at it and think one day people thought they could make money from short term accommodation and [...]