I’ve become proud of my achievements since. This blog for one thing, on a much deeper note, my marriage. I am proud of my wife. When we do anything that others accept or like we can feel pride. Maybe for many the term “false pride” is meaningful, sometimes we are proud without doing anything significant. The phrase ‘over confidence’ come to mind., these are perhaps the most important aspects of pride, confidence, others like what you’ve done, and personal satisfaction. Language can be so difficult at times, discussing words like pride, we invented the term and experience¬†the feeling. Perhaps when considering pride we are talking about people and their convictions. Why should I today consider pride, perhaps I feel proud, whatever the word means. Another saying ‘they are a proud people’. I hope the blog is a little faster after the changes I made. Another coffee my friend?

One thought on “Pride

  1. I am proud of you, my beloved husband, for being the strong, courageous, noble, principled and intensely intelligent man that you are. Our life since your accident has been an epic journey and unprecedented experience. Every day, you give me reasons to be proud of you and your triumphs and achievements. You make me proud.

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