fullsizeoutput_69bCouldn’t sleep last night. Perhaps I slept for too long and I’m making up for it. A 3 month stint is pretty long, and the associated rest. But as I have always said, from early childhood I believe, they are both excellent states, being awake and asleep, just with different sources of data. Maybe tonight I will sleep.


wormAI seems to be designed after our own intelligence, no longer artificial, but conscious. Perhaps there is something more to us than the mere routing of information we store in our brain. I like to think there is much more to us, but it seems that if you turn off the brain all human functions cease. Like walking. Once a pathway is closed, by coma for example, we have unlearnt what once travelled that pathway and must develop a new route in the brain, learn again what we once knew. But humans have created and learnt many things, for example, film. A recent film “interstellar’ considers wormholes, another human observation this time about our universe. We are not just routers of information but also add meaning to it, thought. Have you ever looked up theories on the development of our most fundamental ability, eyesight? In early humans millions of years ago eyes were a very basic organ that perceived light, then shapes, and ultimately our inventions, all objects. Oh brain, please let me walk normally again. A macchiato my friend with scotch chaser, we are always being chased…


lbgtI was watching a television show recently called transgender, it was so profound, about people who felt different from how they were born. Their physicality was wrong and didn’t make sense to them. I couldn’t help but think of coma. It’s a curious effect of mine to no longer be able to control my body, like them, it never feels correct to me. Probably a different sensation but somehow similar to transgender people. I started to realize the place of mind in our perception. The mental schemes with which we approach life are always overlaid, we can perceive only through these schemes. It’s perhaps a more significant thing to change ones sex through life’s journey but I could relate to these people and hope that the world can accept them for who they truly are.


evolveWell I’m back after a days respite, at beauty garden coffee shop now. My thought for the day, no, I express thoughts for my existence here, not the day. There is quite a backlog accumulating about all manner of things, I did consider daily blogs but am trying to normalise. If you believe that a different point of view for anything on your mind could help you, please post me a comment, I reply to everyone, you’ll remain anonymous. Just open a private browser window to not provide any details about you to the website your at. A latte my friend?


consciousnessThe other coffee shop today, next to the MRT. I feel I must blog, I sent a couple of invites to my blogging colleagues, it’s a great place here for the expression of thoughts. I do too much thinking, a human condition. I did stop for a time. I was immobilised, but blogging is making up for that. I hang on to the fact I have been in a coma, it’s a good excuse for me, sometimes. But it only helped me for a moment to stop thinking, not sure if it did, we humans are obsessed with our opinion and thought. We are ponderous cats, but choose to think rather than act, live, sometimes. An espresso my friend?


IMG_0622That’s a powerful word, home. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about today’s post, indeed we are like a parasite attacking our host, the planet, our home. It’s about time we woke up to ourselves and use the knowledge we have gleamed from our existence. We really do know quite a lot, atomic theory, gravity, combustion, we shouldn’t be selective in our knowledge of the universe. We are permanently damaging the planet. How about a water my friend, can’t do any harm with that. It is quite suicidal. No, it’s murderous, the extinguishment of our species, and all the others that call earth home. Probably the best thing for the universe, our extinguishment. A species that doesn’t consider home.


IMG_0469I used to think about global warming constantly, and today. The disastrous effects of humanity on the planet earth. I mean are we really so self destructive? Should we continue to use coal and petrol for our power and destroy our planet? We are inventing alternatives all the time. Let’s continue to live a little longer until the aliens arrive. A NASA study, the link of which I put on this site, says we are heading towards irreversible change. Obviously we are moving towards dramatic climate change, every indicator is pointing towards it’s global effects. There are so many people today we can’t just continue to grow. It would be extremely unintelligent of humankind not to acknowledge the changes our civilisation has had on the planet, which are evident for all to see. I like our music, art, ballet, literature, etc… we create, that is truly human, not the economy and poverty it’s manifestation. Why persist towards our end rather than focus on the best elements of our species. Another latte my friend, can’t hurt except for the production of everything that we use for a coffee today.

irreversible change


trustAnother song come to mind, “no recovery, each day is a terrible discovery”. Probably you come here for a coffee with me to see how I’m recovering. I suspect it’s going as well as can be expected, I’m trying to think and walk again. It seems to be a very very very long process. Today I don’t expect to ever walk normally again. Perhaps too my thinking has been altered, but for the better I think, thinking. It’s been a great opportunity to assess my life, the ‘about me’ page does that. This section ‘thoughts’ also assesses my life and what I’m think about today, I’m healing. A macchiato my friend?


IMG_1375Well here I am again, the coffee shop. Philosophers. Just to name a few, Plato, Husserl, Jean Paul Sartre, I can almost remember Sartre, “being and nothingness” was a favourite work, can’t remember the detail but I studied it at university, Heidegger, all of them profound thinkers and writers. Goethe, Hesse, Berger, many people that have considered life deeply and written about it. Another short black my friend?


cropped-img_00081.jpgMine is appalling. “Memories that make no sense, memories in future tense”, a song I can’t get out of my head of late. I wonder what kind of person I have been in my life past, I can choose the future. Speaking of past requires memory, perhaps present doesn’t. Although present requires perception and some recall, like I say mine is bad. I suspect I was an ok person in the past, but we all have different memories of events. I often use a photo of myself in Egypt in front of the Giza pyramid, if that’s what it’s called. But I cannot remember having gone there, the photo is evidence. We are defined by our past, to forget is like dying. Fancy not remembering going to such a powerful place for human beings, the pyramids. It really is appalling. Now what did I do yesterday? Many people say I can re-experience life and go to such places again, anew. I remember to come to this coffee shop daily to meet you. A latte my friend?


beachWell I’m at the usual coffee shop, beauty garden, where is my friend who likes the paisley shirt? What’s on my mind? All of us take the immediacy of sight as our first input, sure we think about what we see, but it’s secondary. We often trouble about how we look, appearance is important to us. It is our first judgement of people, how they look, we have eyes but also have a brain. Why do we think ourselves better than others just by the look of them? Indeed we can be superficial in this way. We should go deeper and think about people and try to understand what is on their mind. Polka dot shirts are my favourite. Another coffee my friend?


img_1526I’ve become proud of my achievements since. This blog for one thing, on a much deeper note, my marriage. I am proud of my wife. When we do anything that others accept or like we can feel pride. Maybe for many the term “false pride” is meaningful, sometimes we are proud without doing anything significant. The phrase ‘over confidence’ come to mind., these are perhaps the most important aspects of pride, confidence, others like what you’ve done, and personal satisfaction. Language can be so difficult at times, discussing words like pride, we invented the term and experience the feeling. Perhaps when considering pride we are talking about people and their convictions. Why should I today consider pride, perhaps I feel proud, whatever the word means. Another saying ‘they are a proud people’. I hope the blog is a little faster after the changes I made. Another coffee my friend?

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