I was watching a television show recently called transgender, it was so profound, about people who felt different from how they were born. Their physicality was wrong and didn’t make sense to them. I couldn’t help but think of coma. It’s a curious effect of mine to no longer be able to control my body, like them, it never feels correct to me. Probably a different sensation but somehow similar to transgender people. I started to realize the place of mind in our perception. The mental schemes with which we approach life are always overlaid, we can perceive only through … Continue reading Transgender


Well I’m back after a days respite, at beauty garden coffee shop now. My thought for the day, no, I express thoughts for my existence here, not the day. There is quite a backlog accumulating about all manner of things, I did consider daily blogs but am trying to normalise. If you believe that a different point of view for anything on your mind could help you, please post me a comment, I reply to everyone, you’ll remain anonymous. Just open a private browser window to not provide any details about you to the website your at. A latte my friend? Continue reading Existence


The other coffee shop today, next to the MRT. I feel I must blog, I sent a couple of invites to my blogging colleagues, it’s a great place here for the expression of thoughts. I do too much thinking, a human condition. I did stop for a time. I was immobilised, but blogging is making up for that. I hang on to the fact I have been in a coma, it’s a good excuse for me, sometimes. But it only helped me for a moment to stop thinking, not sure if it did, we humans are obsessed with our opinion … Continue reading Thought