Couldn't sleep last night. Perhaps I slept for too long and I'm making up for it. A 3 month stint is pretty long, and the associated rest. But as I have always said, from early childhood I believe, they are both excellent states, being awake and asleep, just with different sources of data. Maybe tonight... Continue Reading →


AI seems to be designed after our own intelligence, no longer artificial, but conscious. Perhaps there is something more to us than the mere routing of information we store in our brain. I like to think there is much more to us, but it seems that if you turn off the brain all human functions... Continue Reading →


I was watching a television show recently called transgender, it was so profound, about people who felt different from how they were born. Their physicality was wrong and didn't make sense to them. I couldn't help but think of coma. It's a curious effect of mine to no longer be able to control my body,... Continue Reading →


Well I'm back after a days respite, at beauty garden coffee shop now. My thought for the day, no, I express thoughts for my existence here, not the day. There is quite a backlog accumulating about all manner of things, I did consider daily blogs but am trying to normalise. If you believe that a... Continue Reading →


The other coffee shop today, next to the MRT. I feel I must blog, I sent a couple of invites to my blogging colleagues, it's a great place here for the expression of thoughts. I do too much thinking, a human condition. I did stop for a time. I was immobilised, but blogging is making... Continue Reading →


That's a powerful word, home. I haven't been able to stop thinking about today's post, indeed we are like a parasite attacking our host, the planet, our home. It's about time we woke up to ourselves and use the knowledge we have gleamed from our existence. We really do know quite a lot, atomic theory,... Continue Reading →


I used to think about global warming constantly, and today. The disastrous effects of humanity on the planet earth. I mean are we really so self destructive? Should we continue to use coal and petrol for our power and destroy our planet? We are inventing alternatives all the time. Let's continue to live a little... Continue Reading →


Another song come to mind, "no recovery, each day is a terrible discovery". Probably you come here for a coffee with me to see how I'm recovering. I suspect it's going as well as can be expected, I'm trying to think and walk again. It seems to be a very very very long process. Today... Continue Reading →


Well here I am again, the coffee shop. Philosophers. Just to name a few, Plato, Husserl, Jean Paul Sartre, I can almost remember Sartre, "being and nothingness" was a favourite work, can't remember the detail but I studied it at university, Heidegger, all of them profound thinkers and writers. Goethe, Hesse, Berger, many people that... Continue Reading →

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