I’m at an old cafe the ‘whirling dervish’ I used to frequent in Arab street Singapore. Actually the next alley, Haji lane, what is the Haj again in Islam? It’s fantastic, the whirling dervishes cafe. I visited the body, casque, sarcophagus, cloths of Rumi when I was once in Konya, Turkey. On the way here to the cafe today, to the whirling dervish, I thought about belief, looking at people I imagined their lives and what they believe in. Belief. We all have deep histories, I’m becoming much more aware of the uniqueness and profundity of other peoples lives. The whirling dervish belief was inspiring, I tried it for a while, to whirl. And it’s the home of paisley shirts around here, Arab street…

2 thoughts on “Dervish

  1. Sufi dervish dancing is so fascinating. I was mesmerized by it in Istanbul, Turkey. And I too tried it as part of theatre practice – I recall finding calm and stillness amidst the kinetic movement – it was like being in the blue centre of a flickering flame. What was Konya like and how did you find the experience of dervish dancing?


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