book2I am thinking of writing a book one day. It would begin with this blog verbatim as the introduction, just to get the reader to sympathise with my thinking, to become acquainted with my mind. It doesn’t really make any difference to publish a book as the concepts are already published in this coffee shop, on the internet. But it’s a more tactile experience reading the pages from a book. Turning the page. We are physical people and a book is that, physical. It may be interesting for some to descend into my pit. My topics can be quite despairing but not without hope. Perhaps the book will become the object of ridicule. I hope to be present at it’s first burning. Now that would be impressive, the burning. I mustn’t get too carried away with these ideas, but it would be really great to be burnt along with the book. This blog as an introduction followed by a real story with chapters, characters, subplot, all from the imagination, and finally a burning. When I think of books I can’t go past my favourite, ‘the trial’ by Franz Kafka. Other good authors for me were John Berger, Sartre, Steiner, Hesse, so many…


rainIt was raining just a short while ago,, Singapore weather, it constantly drizzles with the stuff, water. And it does feel wonderful to be rained on. To feel is a blessing, physically and non physically. We are physical people, we need such things like rain to experience life, and of course the sun, all physical things and their effects in this world, and obviously thought too, which is of a different order. I am so amazed by the stories coma victims have on the internet, they come out of coma and speak languages unknown to them, many surprising things happen to coma experiencers. Very suggestive of something other, beyond the things we think we know.


evolveJust after yesterday’s post I began thinking continually about evolution, I think we are evolving into technological entities, through our invention of the internet, we meet here virtually don’t we? It’s only is a mere chat over a coffee. And now I start to become repetitive, I was warned of that. I so hope we do evolve, I believe we are on the cusp of something incredible through this invention. Communication is so extensive today. Evolvution.


img_1401Just trying to come up with today’s post, most days I have something already written, were on the fly today. I don’t really care for what I’m thinking, bring back the Giraffes, but I’m trying to be honest and include all thoughts every day. The below is presently in my mind, each day is another, we cannot stay the same. We have closed our minds, and make judgements about everything. We are so certain and fixed in our thoughts that we won’t even try to believe, for example in quirky things like magic or religion. I personally think life itself is magical, but we have forgotten how to take different views of the world. Views that don’t comply with our education and thought, with our society. This closure may prevent us from evolving one day. We need to be always open to a discussion or view, a new idea, no need to not think and feel about the world or different peoples perspective on life.


giraffeWe feel. We are emotional creatures. I often wonder if other animals experience emotion for we are one of them, part of the animal kingdom. I’m sure through language we have defined and developed emotion, but perhaps animals also experience our favourites, hate and love. Devotion for other giraffes, maybe a giraffe feels, possibly he is frustrated by the length of his legs and neck. No, it’s all he’s ever known, long legs and neck. Another leaf from this tall tree my friend? Or perhaps the wolf…


img_1559I caught the MRT train to Bugis, the home of my favourite coffee, Turkish. I thought about the subway system while I was on the train, it’s underground and travels through places that we can’t see. I mean it’s there but kind of like we have left the world. I like underground things, music, politics, thought. I’m underground myself so they tell me. I so often wonder what people are thinking about on the train, they are often immersed in their devices. And what do you take from my meanderings. Meaningless I realise, which is so true of everything. Meaninglessness. Anyway how should we get anywhere? Sub or over? Sub is an abbreviation, subtract, substitute, subplot, subway, sublime, but we don’t abbreviate that last one. And I invent a word, subme, I mean an inferior version of self. But trains are still that in the subway, not lesser trains. Perhaps I can abbreviate this post.


vanI think that music and fine art, ballet, are extremely important for our species, a different expression of our experiences and our existence. I have been to many galleries all over the world, I’ve seen our most famous work, the Mona Lisa, and even better things like Caravaggio, and have always been moved by exceptional art, I am amazed by the sensitive art of people, obviously throughout history, all time, we have felt inclined to deeply express ourselves, our emotions and those perceived in situations, like war or even creation.


img_0016I was considering today’s topic here over coffee again, beauty garden, I repeat my doings. I thought a universal human condition is hope. It all depends on the current situation, the object of our hope. Pragmatic things usually, but hope also extends beyond our present circumstance and we hope more deeply about everything. I can hope to cross paths with somebody or to win a prize, maybe in the casino, superficial stuff. But hope goes much deeper. I could again start to talk of belief at this point but that would become repetitive of me. I hope entanglement theory becomes accepted, like atomic theory has. We all know about the atom but not the tangle. I suspect it already is accepted more or less. I could speak of more personal hopes, for example I hope I get a message from my dad soon because I haven’t heard from him for ages, but not here, I am returning to the superficial. Another coffee my friend?


rumi_verThe most incredible theory of quantum is entanglement, perhaps it can open doors scientifically for our beliefs. It states that if a particle is changed at the sub atomic layer, another particle is changed across space. Particles created during the same event but that have travelled huge distances apart remain in a way connected. Measured to be almost instantaneous change, when one is altered, the polarity perhaps, the other changes. They communicate faster than any known method, faster than the speed of light. I believe this has been proven through experiment. Just search on google for entanglement theory. Einstein thought it crazy stuff.


boreWe always seek excitement in our lives. Familiarity and repetition can be construed as boredom. I always now try to see the wonder in life, the surrounds are constantly changing, and there is often different people about, but I still can become bored. I must try and look deeper into life, sure somethings can be tiresome and then we must change, our thoughts, beliefs, environment, whatever, or try and perceive the value in the situation, for nothing can be truly boring, we are alive aren’t we and that in itself is fundamentally exciting.


spaceSomething for humans to explore, space, the universe, and time perhaps. I still believe there is other life in the universe, it’s so massive, infinite they say. I often dwell on space, the planets and such. A huge interest of mine, as is life, all things originate from the big bang science says. Even our thought. Space’s physical exploration would be more than enough, just maybe we would then discover other meanings for the source of life, our existence. There I’ve earned the weekend off, 3 posts for the web, and it’s mother’s birthday today. She’s becoming tired of me wishing her happy 21st, I do that for all women, not girls…


train‘I am on the bus, no, the train’. Perhaps one of our most significant inventions, the train, the population has grown by them, been supported by them, cities have blossomed, we can travel more easily. Almost as significant an invention as computers I think. A truly amazing invention for our species. I was sitting by the MRT when I started this post. Perhaps trains have always been an interest of ours, words from our song ‘train’… “I am on the bus, no, the train, I am on the train, and somethings happening, this is not clear, train”. Written in India by my brother. And I wasn’t going to mention anyone in this blog, for privacy reasons, I don’t think he’ll mind, it’s only the word brother.

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