Just trying to come up with today’s post, most days I have something already written, were on the fly today. I don’t really care for what I’m thinking, bring back the Giraffes, but I’m trying to be honest and include all thoughts every day. The below is presently in my mind, each day is another, we cannot stay the same. We have closed our minds, and make judgements about everything. We are so certain and fixed in our thoughts that we won’t even try to believe, for example in quirky things like magic or religion. I personally think life itself is … Continue reading Fly


We feel. We are emotional creatures. I often wonder if other animals experience emotion for we are one of them, part of the animal kingdom. I’m sure through language we have defined and developed emotion, but perhaps animals also experience our favourites, hate and love. Devotion for other giraffes, maybe a giraffe feels, possibly he is frustrated by the length of his legs and neck. No, it’s all he’s ever known, long legs and neck. Another leaf from this tall tree my friend? Or perhaps the wolf… Continue reading Giraffe


We always seek excitement in our lives. Familiarity and repetition can be construed as boredom. I always now try to see the wonder in life, the surrounds are constantly changing, and there is often different people about, but I still can become bored. I must try and look deeper into life, sure somethings can be tiresome and then we must change, our thoughts, beliefs, environment, whatever, or try and perceive the value in the situation, for nothing can be truly boring, we are alive aren’t we and that in itself is fundamentally exciting. Continue reading Boredom


Something for humans to explore, space, the universe, and time perhaps. I still believe there is other life in the universe, it’s so massive, infinite they say. I often dwell on space, the planets and such. A huge interest of mine, as is life, all things originate from the big bang science says. Even our thought. Space’s physical exploration would be more than enough, just maybe we would then discover other meanings for the source of life, our existence. There I’ve earned the weekend off, 3 posts for the web, and it’s mother’s birthday today. She’s becoming tired of me wishing … Continue reading Space